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AI-Driven Personalization, AI-Driven Results

Get to Know Your Prospects

It takes seconds for Nova to learn all there is to know about your prospect. Where they went to school, how recently they changed careers, which restaurants are their favorite to frequent, and everything in between.

sales prospects

Scientific Scoring

Every Nova email is as powerful as it is personal. Our dynamic platform looks at each of your prospects objectively to prioritize those most likely to result in engagement, converting that data into an efficiency score that guides your team toward the best possible contacts and messaging.

score sales leads

Define Personas

Nova Personas allow you to target accounts and contacts, reuse them across your entire team for simplified tiering, segments, and prospect management. Learn more about Nova Personas here.

define sales personas

Sell Smarter, Not Harder

Email Smart-Drips

Go hands-free with automated email follow-ups. Schedule personalized replies based on behavior and streamline your workflow for maximum efficiency.

email smart drips

Social Tasks

Queue up all your social selling tasks, from personalized LinkedIn inMail to Twitter replies, without breaking a sweat.

social selling tasks

Native Dialer

Integrate call tasks in Flows with full Salesforce activity logging and let Nova take care of pre-call research.

native dialer

Simplify & Share

Inbound Lead Routing

Ease the transition from marketing to sales with Nova’s inbound lead routing tools. Incoming CRM leads can automatically be forwarded to Nova and assigned to a persona-based, pre-selected workflow of calls, emails, and tasks.

inbound lead routing

Workflows & Templates

Nova makes it easy to keep your sales team on the same page. Team-wide workflows and templates ensure everyone stays on message and follows-up at just the right time.

sales workflow and template

Nova Flows

Nova’s easy-to-use email cadence builder allows for spacing of multiple stages, custom merge tags, and shareability across a team.

nova flows

Take Control of Your Inbox

Full Inbox Integration

Use your inbox, not ours. All Nova functionality is available right in your inbox, maximizing productivity and eliminating the need to jump between tabs.

full inbox integration

Timely Reminders

Quickly set reminders to manage down-funnel conversations and stay on top of your daily tasks.

nova reminders

Schedule & Send Later

Timing is everything, and Nova makes sure your email gets there at just the right time. Schedule your initial stages out into the future to line up your week’s emails in advance.

automate follow-up emails

Send in Recipient Timezone

Concerned about timezones? Don’t be. Nova doesn’t need a physical address to make sure your email arrives on schedule. Our software will find address information for each specific individual, even if you don't have it in your CRM.

send email timezone

Analytics That Matter

Customizable Analytics Reporting

View analytics on a per-recipient or per-touch basis, use filters to focus in on a particular subset, or export to CSV to analyze further.

customize analytics reporting

A/B Analytics Testing

Utilize your data to compare and contrast various communication approaches.

a/b analytics testing

Deep Reporting & Saved Filters

Use complex filters to gain insights from very specific populations and save your filters to make for easy updates.

deep reporting saved filters

Rep Activity Dashboard

See how many tasks, how much time is being spent, and what types of conversations your reps are having.

rep activity dashboard

Integrations For Everyone

Full Bi-Directional Salesforce Sync

Keep Salesforce Statuses and Activities up-to-date with Nova's automated import and sync. Automatically push status updates, email, call, and task activity.

salesforce integration

Non-Salesforce CRM Integration

Use built-in BCC, import, and configurable activity webhook functionality to log email activities back to your CRM of choice.

nova crm integration

ChiliPiper Calendar

Insert calendar links, book across shared calendars, and sync everything to your CRM using ChiliPiper’s powerful calendaring functionality.

chilipiper calendar integration

Third-Party Dialer Integration

Nova can integrate with any native or web-based dialer that you are using today, for a seamless call task experience.

third party dialer integration


Manage documents team wide, get real-time document analytics using Nova’s DocSend integration.

docsend integraion


Zapier allows Contacts and events to be funneled directly to Nova from marketing automation, database, CRM, or any other system.

zapier integraion

Nova is a Platform for Outbound Sales

Give your company a smarter, faster, better way to accelerate sales & increase revenue.