Is the personalization completely automated?

Yes and no. The personalization is automated and renders as a complete introductory sentence or paragraph. However, we do recommend that users review and tie back the personalization before sending out Nova-customized messages. Think of Nova's personalization technology as reducing the amount of time required to send a compelling, well researched message from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.

Does Nova do drip campaigns?

Yes. With Nova, you can send drip campaigns, save your templates for re-use, and track opens, clicks, and replies all within the product. Consider Nova to be a highly improved version of your current favorite sales drip campaign software.

Can people tell the difference between Nova personalization and one that has been done by a person?

Not at all, actually. A lot of technology has gone into making Nova create fluid, natural sentences that flow as well as those written by an actual person.

How much of a difference does Nova make in the success of my outreach?

A dramatic one. Customers typically report a 250-350% increase in CTR and positive response rates using Nova, as opposed to with pure templated emails. This makes sense; everyone likes knowing that she/he is not just one of thousands receiving the same boilerplate messaging.

Does Nova work with Salesforce?

Yes, Nova integrates with Salesforce in several ways.

  • Nova can pull leads or contacts from Salesforce via reports that you have made from the Salesforce interface (e.g., leads in X state, owned by me, added in the last week).
  • Nova will push all activities taken by both you and the lead back as Activities in the lead or contact record, complete with related content. For example, any emails you send, opens, clicks, replies, and bounces will be logged under the corresponding Salesforce record.
  • Nova can update the state of a lead or contact based on events. For example, if you wanted to move a lead or contact to the “Engaged” state after receiving a reply, Nova can do this for you. This is configurable in Nova under the Settings section.


How do I connect Nova with my Salesforce?

There are two places where this can be accomplished:

  • When creating a new campaign, clicking Import from Salesforce will prompt you to connect, if you haven’t already.
  • There is an option to connect to Salesforce in the Nova Settings section.


Should I add leads via Salesforce import or using a CSV file?

This is up to your discretion. Nova will map your CSV entries to your Salesforce instance so you will get Salesforce state updates and Activity logging using either method.

Why does Nova ask for access to my email?

Nova is a tool for building real, genuine relationships with customers. As such, messages should come directly from the person who is reaching out. Nova uses secure tokens to access your mailbox programmatically for the sole purpose of sending messages on your behalf and detecting analytics event. No Nova employees can or ever will be able to view your email.