About Nova

Founding Team

Will Dinkel, CEO

Will developed his passion for enterprise sales while working in various technology and sales roles at HP and CloudFlare. Will studied engineering and business at Cal Poly and Harvard Business School.


Bryan Pirtle, CTO

A career technologist, Bryan has built tech stacks in small startups and created real-time data systems at the E&J Gallo manufacturing facility. Bryan studied engineering at Cal Poly and MIT.


Advisory Team

Kendall Collins

Kendall is the CMO of AppDynamics (acq. by Cisco). Kendall spent the last 12 years at Salesforce and continues to serve Salesforce as an advisor. Previously, he led the Salesforce Cloud business unit, he was the GM of Chatter/Communities and served as global Chief Marketing Officer.


Dan Zigmond

Dan heads the Data Science team for Facebook's Newsfeed. Concurrently, Dan advises companies on data science technologies, including Medium, Talla, Grand Rounds, and Earnest. Previously, Dan served as the Lead Data Scientist for Google Maps and the Head of Data for Youtube.


Gabe Villamizar

Gabe is the Head of B2B Marketing at Lucidchart, and is recognized as a leading social selling practitioner and influencer by Inc.com, Forbes, and LinkedIn. He has worked for and advised several B2B startups including InsideSales.com, Domo, Qualtrics, and HireVue.

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