Nova AI-Powered Sales Intelligence:

Sell smarter,
not harder

Nova puts the power of AI to work for you, enabling a more
continuous and more productive sales process.

Intelligent Customer Management

ICM helps sellers focus their time where it will have the greatest impact, by identifying next best actions across the entire pipeline. No more dropped balls, no funnel leakage.

  • Nova uses AI to structure past interactions
    This enables understanding of what happened, who is important, and where things were left
  • Nova identifies what needs to be done
    Nova ranks and prioritizes different possible actions, and provides a clear, ordered list to work off of

Personalized Sales Engagement Platform

Nova understands what drives success. Prioritize your day with the personalized emails, calls, and tasks that will produce the best results.

  • AI-Powered Personalization
    Nova's AI technology do research and writing for you, automatically crafting the perfect message.
  • Emails, Calls, & Social Tasks
    Nova coordinates Flows of Activities, while bi-directionally syncing at all times to your CRM.

Collaborate to Win

Understand the fundamental flow of prospects and revenue over time, what role each team member plays, and what needs to happen to achieve your big hairy audacious goals.

  • Mutually agree on goals with leadership
    Find out what needs to be done today to blow away your goals for the year
  • Work toward goals predictably week-over-week
    Create a virtuous cycle of coaching and reinforcement
  • Know immediately if you're getting off track
    No surprises at the end of the quarter

Value Propositions by Role

Nova isn't just for selling reps, revolutionize the way you track and manage your entire sales process

Sales Development

Focus on Warm Prospects
Easily Work Inherited Accounts
Eliminate Dropped Balls
Improve Pipeline Generation 20-30%
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Account Executives

AI-Powered Time Management
On-Demand Prospecting Tasks
Auto-Generated Reminders
Hit Your Number, Simply and Easily
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Sales Leaders & Marketing

More Coaching, Less Effort
No Dropped Balls, Ever
MQL-Powered Tasks
Predictable Target Attainment
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Sellers create 32% more Opportunity value on average after adopting Intelligent Customer Management

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